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Shady Ladies tour of the Philadelphia Museum of Art


October 28, 2017 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Philadelphia Museum of Art

2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy

Since 2014, Shady Ladies Tours has been lighting up the Metropolitan Museum in New York with its fascinating tours about women. From politics and power to fashion and seduction, Shady Ladies has given museumgoers the real deal about women in art. And now it’s Philadelphia’s turn.

With our newest offering—Shady Ladies of the Philadelphia Museum of Art—we’re letting Philly in on the secret that art can be fun. We don’t dismiss form and style, but we do concentrate on those things that drive so much of art: the backstories, about sex, power, ambition and scandal. As our founder, Professor Andrew Lear, notes, those galleries you think are full of queens and duchesses are actually showing you mistresses and courtesans.

In Philadelphia we’ll follow all three themes we cover in New York: “Nasty Women” who were powerful and ambitious; Fashion and Beauty through the ages; and, of course, the original Shady Ladies—mistresses, prostitutes, courtesans and seducers—who slept their way to the top. You’ll see a scene from the Dutch Golden Age of a quack doctor treating a pregnant prostitute; a portrait of Madame Du Barry, one of the most famous royal mistresses of all time; a Mary Cassatt canvas that shows clearly how revolutionary her paintings of women’s lives were; and so much more. Taken together, the works on this tour will paint a tableau of women’s lives through the centuries. They’ll give you a whole new perspective on what it means to be a woman today by showing what it meant to be a woman back then.

So get on your walking shoes and whip out your lorgnettes. With Shady Ladies of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, you’re going to enjoy a tour unlike any you’ve ever been on!

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