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Shady Ladies of the Metropolitan Museum


October 23, 2016 2:15 pm - 4:15 pm

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

1000 5th Ave

The art in the Metropolitan Museum is full of beautiful women—but only a few of them were respectable mothers and wives. Instead, the museum is packed with scandalous women: courtesans, mistresses, “professional beauties,” and so on. Come on our tour, and learn the backstories of these sexy and enterprising women who fascinated patrons and artists alike for centuries. Learn about the hetaeras of Classical Athens, the courtesans of Renaissance Venice, the mistresses of French and English kings, and the scandal of Sargent’s Mme. X! Two hours with Shady Ladies tours will change your idea of the Metropolitan Museum—and of art itself.

On this fun and informative 2-hour museum tour, we will learn about many things, including:

– the courtesan who modeled for ancient Greece’s first female nude statue
– the official royal mistresses of the French kings
– the ballerinas of the Paris opéra in the 19th century, and their “patrons”
– the lurid and frightening image of the femme fatale
a Venetian courtesan who published books of poetry
the American beauty whose portrait scandalized France in the 1880s.

And so much more….

Come discover the racy and intriguing backstories behind the Met’s collection. It will change the way you see the Museum—and art itself—forever.

Ticket price includes museum admission. Advanced purchase necessary. Discounts available for seniors, students, and Met members.

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