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“Nasty Women” are Everywhere—even the Metropolitan

We know them from work, family, public and private life—women who speak their mind, pursue their careers and even run for public office. They’re smart. They’re sassy. Some people call them “nasty.”  But we say they’re strong. And to celebrate them (and Women’s History Month) Shady Ladies Tours is launching a brand new offering: Nasty Women of the Metropolitan.

This is a tour about feisty women who broke the rules. Flaunting convention, they reached for power and influence, and shaped the culture and politics of their day. People call them “nasty women,” but they still admire them.  And along the way they became the subjects of great works of art—many of them on display at the Met.

Hatshepsut, the great female pharaoh whose official portraits sported a fake beard. The Medusa of Greek myth, so fearsome she could turn men to stone. Julia Mamaea, the first official Empress of the Roman Empire. And even such formidable 20th century women as Gertrude Stein and Gloria Vanderbilt Whitney, sculptor, patron and founder of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Their stories—and many more—are waiting to be told at the Met on this fun and informative tour.

We’re launching on March 5, and several dates are already set up in March. The tour lasts for two hours, and will take you through some of the Met’s greatest collections, from the ancient world to today. As always, Professor Lear will provide the historical context and relate it to the present, when women who are perceived as “nasty women” are still shattering glass ceilings.

More details can be found here: And stay tuned for further offerings coming your way—a Shady Ladies tour of Paris (starting in July 2017) and another tour of the Met that is on the drawing board. We look forward to seeing you soon!




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