Allison Harbin is the latest addition to our Shady Ladies team, and she brings to the company a wealth of knowledge, a love of art and an expertise in our favorite subject: women on canvas.

With a Ph.D. in art history from Rutgers University, Allison is a specialist in modern and contemporary art. Her particular focus is non-Western art by women, and she has written on fields as diverse as modern art, graffiti art, and art from the Caribbean and South Asia.

We chose Allison not only for her wide-ranging tastes and interests, but also for her insight into what makes a great story. Allison loves to tell stories, and she has honed that ability over years of teaching undergraduates. She delights in uncovering the untold dramas of art history, especially the scandals that hide behind some of the world’s greatest masterpieces.

She also knows a great deal about the role of the art market in the history of art—a subject that is endlessly fascinating for all of us in today’s age of global collectors and sky-high prices. As a dedicated believer in “art for everyone,” Allison is a perfect fit for Shady Ladies, and her love of great art shines through in all her tours.